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Anantha USA sources from suppliers who have HACCP plan in place and ensures that the same is incorporated in their handling philosophy.
We import fresh water Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Vannamei (White) shrimps for distribution in the USA. Our product variants include:
• Headless Shell-On (HLSO) Shrimp
• EZ Peel Shrimp
• Peeled Deveined Tail On (PDTAIL ON) Shrimp
• Peeled Deveined (PD) Shrimp
• Butterfly Cut Shrimp
• Cooked Shrimp
We also import and supply SWAI FILLET from Vietnam. We have a robust quality control team to ensure to get top quality Swai Fish.
We undertake custom packing as per the customer needs. Also, we can ship the whole container upon order or ship cases on retail order. Our local freezer services partner is ‘Preferred Freezer Services’.

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Anantha USA is a Wholesale Distributor of Vannamei Shrimp to Wholesalers, Retailers, Food Service Distributors, Restaurant Chains, etc. Supply of quality shrimp, sustainable sourcing of shrimp and making our customers happy are our key focus areas.

Austin, Texas


+1 (224) 325 5550

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